5 Main Concerns The Fans Have About Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is now one of the most anticipated games, with over 15 million views, the first official trailer got hundreds of thousands of Potterheads eager to know more.

Aside from an unrealistic wishlist, the fans (including us) also have a list of concerns regarding the game.

We as players have faith that both Portkey Games and Avalanche Software will deliver a fun experience nevertheless, but here are the 5 main concerns the fans have about Hogwarts Legacy.

  1. 1 Poor Written Story And Narrative Choices

    Hogwarts Legacy is a story-driven single-player RPG adventure, therefore, the quality of the story itself matters.

    A lot of the fans have expressed their concerns about the matter and seeing how plenty of game developers/writers don't nail this quite well, it's only fair.

    The story of Hogwarts Legacy will take us back to the 1800s, we will be playing as a Hogwarts student with Ancient Magic abilities. While this plot sounds exciting at first glance, more details are needed to see just how different it will be from the previous Harry Potter games.

    We know that the game will give us some choices to control how the story goes, but just how deep or to what extent? That's often what separates a great RPG from an okay one.

  2. 2 Bad Reception Thanks To High Expectations

    This one is a little different, but the fans over at Reddit genuinely think that the game might receive bad reviews and low ratings thanks to the hype circling around it.

    We've seen this with different video games before, and with very little information we have on Hogwarts Legacy, some fans and critics might end up with high expectations that will eventually get crushed, resulting in unnecessary bad reviews.

    We have no doubt Hogwarts Legacy is going to be a fun experience for all the Potterheads, but this is definitely one of the main concerns for a large group of fans.

  3. 3 Being A Short Game

    Most RPGs are often packed with a ton of playable content (Skyrim, The Witcher, The Outer Worlds), therefore, the fans expect Hogwarts Legacy to come with a reasonable-size explorable open world with lots of stuff to do.

    The main concern here lies mainly in the fact that Avalanche Software never really worked on a massive RPG game, so it's definitely going to be a challenge for them to deliver on their promise. 

    It'll be easy to fill the game with repetitive content and missions as most developers do, but that will certainly leave the game feel poor and generic, so hopefully, Avalanche Software will surprise us!

  4. 4 Very Few Customization Choices

    Being an RPG, Hogwarts Legacy will offer a customization system to help the player create his or her character. 

    So far, we don't know how much of the game can we customize, could it be our character's clothing style? What about the wand or the broom? Maybe our rooms (if there is anything like that)? etc.

    Not that the fans want to customize the color of their shoelaces, but having a wide variety of custom choices is nice, and possibly some other things to unlock while progressing in the game!

    Customization is one of the main features that can make or break an RPG, and with the premise of this game being "immersive", it's only fair that we want to know more about this system and if there will be any microtransactions embedded in it. 

  5. 5 Not Feeling Like Hogwarts

    This may not be a Harry Potter game per-say, but it's still happening in Hogwarts, our beloved school of witchcraft and wizardry. 

    It's very important for Hogwarts Legacy to get the whole atmosphere right, with the soundtrack and the lighting in every corner of the castle, to feel the magic breathing, to give the players moments that make them go like "oh wait, did I just see something?" 

    The fidelity is important, not that we expect an exact replica of Hogwarts as displayed in the books or shown in the movies, but the fans don't want to be disappointed for lacking some of the simple things that will actually give them the "Hogwarts vibes".

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