5 Games That Will Push The PlayStation 5 To Its Limits

The PlayStation 5 is here, and with it comes a wide range of launch games and a huge library of backward compatible titles that you can play again until the new ones (such as Riders Republic and Hogwarts Legacy) get released.

Games That Will Push The PS5 To Its Limits

As usual with every new generation, it takes some time for the developers to learn and master every aspect of the hardware/software.

Despite some games being huge technical and graphical achievements, it’s only later we start to see games that utilize the full potential of a console.

So without further ado, here are 5 games that will push the PlayStation 5 to its limits!

Disclaimer: some/or all of these games are not officially announced, but they’re likely to be released sooner or later.

  1. 1 Uncharted 5

    Naughty Dog's might've finished Nathan Drake's story with "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End", but that doesn't necessarily mean that the adventure is over. 

    Uncharted games have always been the embodiment of PlayStation's capabilities, from graphics, realistic physics all the way to making the cut-scenes blend in well with the gameplay. 

    Being part of PlayStation Studios, Naughty Dog will be able to achieve great results with a game such as Uncharted 5; larger open landscapes, no loading screens, and much more environmental interactivity.

    Uncharted 5 is not officially announced, but if we have to guess, 2022 might be the date we get some real news.

  2. 2 Battlefield VI

    One of the most anticipated titles for 2021 is definitely Battlefield 6 (or whatever they choose to name it). As confirmed by EA, the game will feature larger maps and bigger game modes. 

    We expect to see more than the classic 64 players in one server, this will definitely push the PS5's rendering capabilities and to maintain a steady 60 frame rate per second. 

    DICE is the developer behind the series and they will again use their famous Frostbite engine to deliver realistic-looking environments, weapons, and models. 

    With the ray-tracing technology, better lighting and shadows could also mean an immersive experience for the players.

  3. 3 Grand Theft Auto VI

    Rockstar Games is one of the studios that have the luxury of taking literally years before they announce what they're working on, but I think we all have an idea of what their next project is.

    Grand Theft Auto VI, or GTA 6, could be Rockstar's biggest game ever so far, and here is why.

    Similar to its predecessor, GTA 6 will likely feature top-notch performance on the PS5, ray-tracing, better realistic-fluid character animation, a larger open world rich with highly intelligent A.I, and of course stable frame rates in Online mode.

    Grand Theft Auto is often one of the games that push the limits of any hardware, so we have no doubt it'll show us what the fast SSD is really all about, especially on the loading screens.

  4. 4 Tom Clancy's: The Division 3

    Ubisoft games might look all the same at first glance, but only when you take a deeper look that you will notice just how much different they really are.

    Tom Clancy's: The Division 3 could be one of Ubisoft's biggest releases on the PS5 in the future. 

    The cover-based looter shooter is known for its massive detailed open worlds with lots of areas to explore and a weather system like no other.

    With Massive Entertainment's SnowDrop engine, we have no doubt it'll take the experience to a whole another level; hearing the footsteps of your enemies, the sounds of explosions left and right feeling very real, or how the DualSense haptic feedback will work... it's all very interesting!

  5. 5 Starfield

    Bethesda's first original RPG in 25 years, we have no doubt they will be pushing both their and the console's limits. 

    With a universe scale map that allows the players to free-roam, it is expected that Starfield will benefit from everything the PS5 can offer. 

    Traveling between planets or even universes will be blazing fast, with each planet rendering almost instantly.

    So far, we don't know just how explorable Starfield is, but looking at other Bethesda games, it'll likely be very detailed, offering the players various choices and new systems to play with.

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