5 Things The Fans Want To See In Riders Republic

Riders Republic is expected to be released on February 25th, 2021. It is considered to be the spiritual successor of Steep, the fan-favorite extreme sports game released by Ubisoft back in 2016.

Riders Republic Art

In Riders Republic, you will embrace a journey across iconic US national parks and snowy mountains, with up to 5 different activities that you can choose from.

We’ve already learned quite a bit over the last couple of weeks, but that shouldn’t stop us from seeking more, right?

In case you have questions about Riders Republic, check out our updated list.

Here are 5 things the fans want to see in Riders Republic!

  1. 1 More Snow Vehicles

    Riders Republic is expected to launch with 4 rides; biking, wingsuit, snowboarding, and skiing. With that being said, it seems that the fans do want more of Steep's snowy experience!

    Fans over Reddit shared their enthusiasm for snow activities, including Snow-Karts and Snowbikes, with the latter essentially being a cross between a snowmobile and a motocross bike.

    I personally think this would fit perfectly in Riders Republic's open world!

  2. 2 Events, Events And More Events!

    What are extreme-sports without events, right? Riders Republic is where you can build your legend, and the most direct way to do so is through events.

    We know the game will have real-life brands for you to sign exclusive sponsorships with, but this will work much better if the game has a clear roadmap of events you can participate in for each or all of the activities.

    Some events will have specific requirements, others will be open for everyone, this will definitely give the game a fun-competitive edge.

  3. 3 Better Physics And Customization

    Steep is a good game with its own flaws, and some of the flaws were about the gameplay physics that left a lot to desire. 

    With Riders Republic, the fans are asking for good biking physics, this is very important for mountain-biking to feel as intense as it does in real life.

    Customization is a big part of Riders Republic, just how far can we go with this is still not very clear, but it would be interesting to see if the changes we make on our bikes/rocket-wingsuits actually have a real impact!

  4. 4 An Improved Replay System

    Steep featured a Replay system that gave the players the ability to rewatch and share their games from various angles, apply a slow-mo, etc. Although it was alright at the time, this system felt rigid in most cases.

    With Riders Republic, the fans are expecting some massive improvements to this feature, customizing the FOV, Aperture, and more camera options.

    Ubisoft pushing their games to be more of an online social experience, it makes sense to have good in-game features.

  5. 5 About The Multiplayer

    There are a lot of things that could go wrong here, or at least make it an unsatisfying experience for most players.

    Riders Republic is an online experience, and so far we don't really know how joining multiplayer matches would work. 

    Fans suggested being able to join matches based on their favorite activity/ride, which will result in fewer people leaving after they see a sport they don't like.

    Another technical side to it is the need to have really good servers. Nobody wants to see that anti-climax connectivity issue message while racing against 49 other players.

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