5 Things The Fans Want To See In The Division 3

Things The Fans Want To See In The Division 3

There has been a lot of speculations lately about what’s next for Tom Clancy’s The Division. The cover-based looter-shooter title, developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, hasn’t had any major updates nor expansions since “Warlords of New York” released back in March 2020.

Although The Division 2 continues to get frequent events, manhunts, and the latest major addition; The Summit, most of the player base has grown rather tired of the same formula. So we ask, what’s next for this game? 

It’s been 3 years since The Division 2 was released, and it’s fair to assume that Massive Entertainment has already begun preparing for the next installment, despite the news of the team taking a new Star Wars game project.

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Edit Massive Entertainment confirmed they’re working on more content for The Division 2.

We took a tour around the internet, and here’s what the fans want to see in The Division 3!

  1. 1 One Big Dark Zone, Just Like The Old Days

    If The Division 1 nailed one thing the second installment failed at, it would be the Dark Zone. Players have grown to enjoy the atmosphere and the spaciousness of The Division 1's DZ, lots of ground to cover, more intense manhunts, and definitely less ganking done by groups of rogue agents on individual agents. 

    The Division 2 came with 3 small Dark Zones, which drastically changed the gameplay and often forced players to engage in fights they don't really want to. We can argue that this is basically the whole point of DZ, but I think this can still be done with just one big area. 

    It's not just about the size, but rather making it more appealing to players who often don't enjoy the experience of instantly dying. A couple of ideas that came up were about providing new players with an already-made starter build that they can select exclusively for PvP when entering DZ, to help them understand what they want to farm for while standing their ground.. Oh, and bring back Survival, please!

  2. 2 Some New Gameplay Mechanics

    We can almost agree that the core system of The Division 2 allows us to theoretically go as deep with our builds as possible. But, it still doesn't feel as personalized as it should be. We all have the same skills, the same specializations and just about the same perks. 

    Players suggested ideas about adding up to this core system, to make specializations more.. special? Let the player unlock more perks, and with each perk we unlock, we dive deeper into the class and the builds surrounding it. This will allow for more customization and encourage players to go beyond meta-builds that rely heavily on Critical Hit stats, Hazard Protection, or a few talents for example. 

    Each specialization should allow more freedom on how to tackle it, a larger skill tree that you can modify to suit your playstyle, and a new set of skills that are actually helpful - I'm looking at you, healer trap.

    Another mechanic that came to our attention was prone. If some enemies can prone to use their LMGs, why can't a well-trained Agent do the same? 

  3. 3 A More Intense Weather System

    The developers at Massive are good at making good looking open worlds with such great detail, the weather in both The Division 1 and 2 is one of the best in any video game. However, that New York snowy atmosphere left us craving more. 

    So how about making a weather system that goes beyond just sun, rain, and fog? What if The Division 3 could combine the best of both worlds?

    A weather system that changes the whole open world on a timed cycle (every 7 days for example) from sunny and shiny to a windy snowy atmosphere. This would give us the feeling we're playing a different game every week because the weather could affect the gameplay, vision wise and possibly the types of enemies or their equipment.

    I think this system goes beyond a normal/random cycle, if done right, we bring back that beloved New York atmosphere to whatever location the Division 3 is going to, while also keeping it fresh and new.

  4. 4 A Seperate More Balanced PvP Experience

    We tackled the PvP side of this game a little bit on the previous points, but we and most of the fans wish that the next Division installment comes with a better PvP experience overall.

    It's not that easy to balance a looter-shooter that's mainly built for co-op gameplay, you will always have things that are over-powered, someone with better rolls on their gear, or a complete disadvantage when it comes to what each build can do. 

    PvP in The Division was never as popular as the co-op side and for good reasons. We believe players want to enjoy this as long as it's balanced as much as possible by providing a separate experience. The Division 3 should come with a straight-forward PvP that keeps the balance across any build the player chooses to use, be it one with 2 million armor or one that focuses on status effect. 

    A bit of rework on the available multiplayer modes would also be nice. Currently, there are a few modes that encourage tactical and strategy play, but it'd also be nice to have some hardcore modes where you can only use a specific set of gear or weapons.

  5. 5 And, More Content Please!

    Yes, The Division 2 launched with somewhat decent content to begin with, lots of missions, and some pretty good level design that didn't feel boring.. until it started to.

    In the world of games-as-a-service, we expect these titles to grow and have more content on a regular basis, be it every 4 months or a whole year. The Division 2 did alright with its Warlords of New York expansion, adding a couple more varied missions, some seasonal content, but it almost feels exactly the same every time.

    The fans want to see more enemy types, ones that can be found underground, others that have higher technical skills, ones that fight with armored vehicles maybe.. we want the variety that makes sense in the next game's context of course. 

    When it comes to the endgame content, Raids and Legendary strongholds are your best bet for some guaranteed useful loot, it's shame The Division 2 didn't come with more strongholds in its expansion, nor more raids that focus on the other factions, we hope to see this done in the next title!

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