Are You Fit To Join The Straw Hat Crew?

Are You Fit To Join Straw Hat Crew

One Piece is perhaps one of the most loved manga and anime series out there. I’ve been reading and watching it for as long as I can remember, I know you are too.

Luffy and The Straw Hat crew still got a lot to go through in order to find One Piece, which likely means the possibility for another member (hopefully) joining the Straw Hat crew in the future. 

Now for the sake of it, we thought we could run some sort of a test, to see which one of us is actually fit to join the Straw Hat crew, so if you dare, go ahead and give our questions a shot!

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  1. 1 Which pirate once owned One Piece?

    1. Portgas D. Ace
    2. Gol D. Roger
    3. Big Mom
    4. Marshall D. Teach
  2. 2 What do you value the most?

    1. Power
    2. Freedom
    3. Wealth
    4. Brotherhood
  3. 3 Which of the first members do you like the most?

    1. Monkey D. Luffy
    2. Roronoa Zoro
    3. Nami
    4. Usopp
    5. Sanji
  4. 4 You're more comfortable in..

    1. The sea
    2. The city
    3. The mountains
    4. Anywhere really
  5. 5 An argument starts between you and a Straw Hat member, what do you do?

    1. I apologize and move on
    2. I start a fight with them
    3. I hold grudge against them
    4. I never let emotions control me
  6. 6 You're by yourself, you come across a bunch of pirates, what do you do?

    1. I fight them
    2. I talk my way out of it
    3. I immediately run away
    4. I try to join them
  7. 7 Do you see yourself making great sacrifices for your crew?

    1. Yes absolutely
    2. Hell no
    3. I'm not sure
  8. 8 Which member you think you'd be best friends with?

    1. Monkey D. Luffy
    2. Sanji
    3. Brook
    4. Nami
    5. The whole crew
  9. 9 What do you think you'll be bringing to the crew?

    1. More power
    2. More intelligence
    3. A Gunner
    4. A Blacksmith
    5. None of the above

Are You Fit To Join The Straw Hat Crew?

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    You Are Fit To Join!

    You made it, you old sailor you ⛵

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    You Are Not Fit To Join

    Unfortunately, the crew doesn't think you're fit  🤷‍♂️

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