Should GTA 6 Have A Female Protagonist?

Rumors about “Grand Theft Auto 6” have been circulating for quite some time now, and one of the more noticeable rumors was the possibility of a female protagonist.

It’s known that the Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most successful video games of all time, but never did it feature a female protagonist.

Should GTA 6 have a female protagonist? Opinions asked 5600 gamers this question, here are the results.

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Wait, Why Should GTA 6 Have A Female Protagonist?

One of the selling points of Grand Theft Auto is its take on each story they introduce with a new installment. This allowed Rockstar to do different things with each GTA game.

Women characters are nothing new to this franchise, but they’ve always been used as side characters or centerpieces. Not to mention how the series has a troublesome history with its portrayal of women.


GTA 6 having a female protagonist would allow Rockstar to approach the story from a different angle, allowing the players to live a new experience away from the traditional masculine focus of most video games.

Rockstar did prove their ability to introduce strong likable female characters. Take Sadie Adler for example, a fan-favorite from Red Dead Redemption 2. This leaves us fans wanting more if done right!

62% of Gamers Think It’s A Great Idea!

Opinions question to the community was clear; what do you think about GTA 6 having a female protagonist?

It turns out that 62% of the participants do find this to be a “great idea”, as long as it’s done right.

Sure, as long as it’s a good character why not?

Ryan Pomrink

If it ever turns out that it’s real, Rockstar could approach its first GTA female protagonist concept from different angles. We’re likely to see multiple playable characters a la GTA 5 style or have a story that lets us play both sides who find themselves in a conflict.. the potentials are limitless.

I feel a multi-character playthrough would be a great option for a female and male mix.

Kyle Genallle

A female protagonist in a GTA game would definitely be a massive change both for Rockstar and the fans. But it’s a change not everyone is ready for, or care about as we saw in the results.

32% Don’t Really Care If There Is A Female Protagonist.

Adding a female protagonist to GTA won’t really fix the public’s view of this series and how it represented women during all these years. But we can all agree it’s a step forward, after all, Rockstar often differentiate themselves for the variety of point of views in their games.

As long as it isn’t a “woke” game I don’t care if there’s a female protagonist

Ashley Mander

Some of the community showed their worry about doing this in the “Hollywood way” by making a feminist character who makes every other character (mainly men) around her look and feel stupid or weak.

The problem is what sometimes tends to come with a female protag. For example, Ghostbusters 2016: Every single male character is either evil, an asshole, or stupid. Same thing with Oceans 8, Captain Marvel.

Michael Balch

While “not caring” is not necessarily disliking a female protagonist in GTA 6, there is also a small portion of the community that finds this to be a bad idea.

A Female Protagonist Is Not Cool, Says 6% of The Gamers.

While everyone has their own reasons to believe that a female protagonist in GTA 6 is a bad idea, we thought it’s only fair to include some here.


It is known that even in video games (other than Rockstar), developers have used female characters in what is considered by many to be sexualizing and misogynistic.

No, I’m good… Don’t break a nail

Virginia Bryor

As mentioned before, some gamers do believe that this could go wrong because of the hidden agendas and political pressure, GTA is no stranger to this.

Please don’t let liberals infect my favourite franchise.

Brandon Johns

Grand Theft Auto 6 is not yet officially confirmed, but most of the leaks/rumors claim that “Project Americas” will take us to different locations with heavy inspiration from the claimed Netflix series “Narcos”.

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