5 Unrealistic Things The Fans Want To See In Hogwarts Legacy

What do the fans want to see in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, Since its first announcement two weeks ago, Hogwart’s Legacy had the Potter universe fans hyped for what the open-world RPG game might have to offer.

Today, we bring you a list of 5 unrealistic things the fans want to see in Hogwarts Legacy.

5 unrealistic things the fans want to see in hogwarts legacy

Now bear in mind, just like you, we are huge fans of the Potter universe, and we wish nothing but success for Portkey Games and Avalanche, so let’s dive in!

  1. 1 Exploring Other Schools

    For a game that's titled Hogwarts Legacy, a lot of fans seem to want something beyond the castle walls. 

    Visting other schools of magic are definitely one of the highly unlikely activities that we will be doing in Hogwarts Legacy.

    The story might mention the names of the other schools, but the developers' resources are better spent somewhere else, say.. making Hogwarts more fun to explore?

  2. 2 School Simulator Experience

    We all want to live a life inside the castle's walls, attend the famous classes we've all grow-up to fancy (I personally like the Charms class). 

    However, some fans took this potential aspect to a whole another level. Asking how we could spend detention? Or if we're to take daily classes and summer vacation? It's already exhausting in real life, please don't make it part of a video game.

  3. 3 A Quidditch World Cup

    While it would be fascinating to play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy, there is little to no chance we'd have a Quidditch World Cup. 

    Hogwarts Legacy is a story-driven game, and even without much information, a Quidditch World Cup makes no sense (so far at least). Although, some fans argued that it would make a great side DLC.

  4. 4 Career Choices

    So what's after school you say? How about you become an Auror? An Obliviator maybe? Or stay, and become a Hogwarts Professor!

    While it could be very interesting for the game to have a career/roles system, it is just a very far probability for Hogwarts Legacy.

    For something like this to work, the developers will have to keep updating the game with frequent content and a whole lot more deep RPG system, which I personally don't see happening.

  5. 5 Casting Spells Using Voice Commands

    With the game being released on next-gen, this sums up our list of unrealistic things the fans want to see in Hogwarts Legacy. 

    One of the wildest ideas was to be able to cast spells using voice commands, mainly with PlayStation 5 and its DualSense built-in-mic.

    Great, now all we need is a piece of gadget to tell us "it's Levi-Osa, not Levio-SA!".

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